ETO’s future
An ambicious investment in the new Storage and Distribution Infrastructure will result in exponencial improvements in capacity, quality and efficiency for fuel distribution with impacts nationwide.

Currently trading mainly in Diesel Oil, ETO’s is soon to expand its range of products, including additional grades like Jet Fuel, Marine Diesel oil, High Speed diesel oil for heavy machinery, Motor Gasoline, multiple grade Lubricants and LPG. On the long term, Bio Diesel is also in ETO’s horizon.

In its final stages of design, the new ETO headquarters building will house all of ETO’s administrative and associated services, thus preparing the company’s structure for the next stage of development and growth.

In the short term, ETO is planning to expand its Fuel Stations to all the Districts. This will allow for ETO’s products and quality service to reach the entire country, consolidating our distribution network.

Also in motion, a new investment in packaging of lubricant oils will increase the offer of customized quality products available at ETO distribution points.

ETO is also developing services like the ETO Fuel Check. This program has offered excellent results, allowing for an effective control of fuel distribution to clients like large private enterprises, government and other institutional clients.

Looking ahead, ETO’s long-term goal is to participate in the exploration of Timor Sea and positioning itself as one of the buyers of national production of oil and natural gas.
ETO's offices in Hera's Logistical Center
Future Headquarters of ETO
Launching of the Construction of ETO's Headquarters Logistic Center
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