ETO - Esperança Timor Oan, Lda. is a 100% Timorese owned company devoted to import, distribution and sales of fuel for more than 10 years.

2000 ETO begins a larger scale activity as supplier of fuel for the Logistics department of the UN International Peace Keeping Force in Timor-Leste. With one single fuel truck, ETO starts a modest but steady growth of its business. Over 2 years the company gradually increases its client base while reeinforcing its services and infrastructure.

2002 Together with 3 other local companies, ETO obtains its first government contract to supply diesel to power stations nationwide. In the context of a broader participation of Timorese capital in the fuel supply and distribution industry, ETO now sees the right conditions coming together for a strong investment in the company’s capacity and future. ETO’s medium and long term vision for a strong national company starts to take shape.

2005 ETO launches the project to open its first fuel station in Dili, This is an important step to reinforce ETO’s distribution services, to increase market share and also to begin implementing custumer loyalty policies.

2006 Grupo Esperança begins to take shape from the strategic expansion of ETO’s business areas portfolio. G&S – Gilman & Serafim, Lda. is created to enter a new market: the construction sector. New investments are put forward into the concrete industry and real-estate.

2010 The expansion of business areas with Grupo Esperança has a positive impact on ETO with a new dynamic coming into play. In 2010 ETO is ready to start direct imports of fuel (Diesel) from Malaysia, with better prices and conditions, thus overcoming dependency from other importers.

ETO maintains a policy of progressively opening new and complementary activities following market needs and opportunities. Continuously reinforcing the Timorese private sector, we aim to continue creating new jobs and investing in the training of our staff.

2013 ETO and Grupo Esperança have now a joint workforce of over 200 staff and are preparing a new phase of development with new investments and international partnerships.
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